Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fur for Fall

Fall has started and this fall fur is in..I want to share some different styles of how
you can wear it this fall and winter.. I think you can look like a million without spending
alot.. I put different price ranges for girls that like to spend alot or little and this is
what I came up with..Hope you enjoy and follow me. =)
The top and bottom are from Topshop..You can find it on there website..The top is a Cropped
Aviator Faux Fur coat its 160$ and the bottom is a Knitted Faux Fur Waist coat 100$.

The three at the bottom are from Forever21..The first is Faux Lamb Fur vest its $22.90.
The second is Sparkling Faux Fur vest w/belt its $24.80
Third is a Distressed Suedette Jacket its $44.80

This last one is by Wet Seal Fur Belted vest for $26.50 it was originally $32.50 but its on sale.

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