Thursday, August 8, 2013

Up With WhitneyManney (SALE)

Shop: WhitneyManney/Storenvy 
Facebook: WhitneyManney
Instagram: heywhitney

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Hello my fellow bloggers!!! Today I bring you once again clothing designer Whitney Manney. If you guys remember about couple weeks ago I did a collaboration with her. I styled some of her amazing handmade and redesign pieces on my blog, if you guys did miss it just click (here) to check it out.

For this post I bring you some amazing news!!! For the whole month of August she will be hosting weekly sales on her shop. I absolutely love this and am happy to share with you guys some of my favorite pieces from her online shop.

1) Leather Lapel Swing Jacket  On sale for $15          2) Rhythmic Decay Denim Shorts On Sale for $15                                
 photo m2_zpsac62c508.jpg

3) "Toothy" Block Print Overall Dress  Sale for $23    4) Foldover Mini Skirt  Sale for $10
    this sale item ends on the 8/9. This was my top
 photo m1_zps8ec7ad2b.jpg

So go and take a look for her amazing weekly deals!!!!

Also wearing some of  Whitney pieces; fashion blogger (Allie)
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