Monday, July 22, 2013

Up With These Bloggers

Here I am sharing some of my top blogs that I have been enjoying read and seeing there style.
I hope you guys check them out and follow =) They are truly inspirational!!

1.) LucidStars

She is a very young blogger but I honestly enjoy reading her posts. Her blog is a mixer of fashion and life. I really like blogs like that, not only do they blog about things they love but the also blog about there feelings like its there own personal journal. I like blogs that I can relate too and I think this is one you guys will love and enjoy reading.

 photo DSC_4196_zpsa5f9edc7.jpg

 photo 3170336_outfit1_zps924084ac.jpg

 photo 3170829_outfit3_zps741e0128.jpg

2.) Fatal Project 666

I love this blogger, she has blogs about food, fashion, music, travel and beauty. Her style has a lot of vintage and thrifted. Which you guys know I love!!!!!

 photo DSC_0368_zps7f6138ca.jpg

 photo CSC_0027_zps8bd9621b.jpg

 photo DSC_0002_zpsf398822f.jpg

 photo DSC_0333_zps6fe56cee.jpg

She is another vintage/thrift blogger. I love how she is always mixing her pieces and you can't tell what is thrifted and new. I love bloggers that can make those thrift finds look new.

 photo army4_zps959430ae.jpg

 photo ID4_zpsc5311887.jpg

 photo sparkles_zpsf7a48521.jpg

 photo swaychic6_zps9bb45b07.jpg

I love love love this amazing fashion blogger. I like her chic, edgy, sometimes grunge looks that she puts together. I find myself always going back to her blog to get inspiration for outfits and looks. Truly a good style/fashion blogger. 

 photo IMG_3006_zpsda69650a.png

 photo IMG_3602_zpsae3aefcc.png

 photo IMG_2479_zpsf49d6d21.png

 photo IMG_3253_zpsb39285b5.png

I really hope you guys take a look at these amazing fashion bloggers and follow. I know you will love =)


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  1. This is SUCH an honour! Thank you dear, really :) I'm elated to know that you enjoy my content.
    I had fun looking through your other blog suggestions; thanks again for sharing!