Friday, July 5, 2013

Thrifting Tips

For all those who want to get into thrifting and don't know where to start, I decided to create some tips to help you get started on this fun journey  =)

My thrifting history;
I have been thrifting since I can remember. My mom would always take us thrift shopping and to yard sales as kids. As I got older my love for it just grew. The more I started getting into fashion and saw bloggers with there amazing style, I just wanted a piece of they awesome looks. But sadly just couldn't afford what they wore, I was on a budget. So I slowing started to get back into thrifting and create my looks for a fraction of the price. Now its so main stream and everyone is doing it, I LOVE it!!!! Lets get started.....

Finding a Thrift Shop
If this is your first time thrifting and don't know where start or to go, you can always start at your local Good Will. I know that is the most common thrift shop around cities. You can also Google thrift shops or use Yelp. It can help you create a map of where to start and go. Yelp can maybe be the most useful because people leave there reviews and it can give you a feel if the shop is good or not. But for me I still like to go anyways and get a feel for it myself =)

What To Look For??
What I mean by that is when your trying to get inspired of what to look for or if there is certain type of piece your looking for, save pictures of that certain item you like or outfits to give you inspiration. That has always helps me. I always save pictures of outfits I like and of items that I 'm eyeing. As you know going into a thrift store you will not find that exact item but it helps to save pictures for references and another map to help you find those great pieces. Also you can take pictures of your own items in your closet to help you create looks with your thrift items.

The Racks
For me I hit mostly all the racks. But my most favorites are the blazers/jackets, sweaters and pants. After I hit those I go through the men's tops, boys tops, handbags, dresses and so forth. I know most people don't like to look through every piece of clothing at the stores but when you are thrift shopping it's a whole different thing. I think all thrift shoppers can agree with me on this, when your looking to find that awesome find the best thing to do is go through every hanger. I know it might sound crazy but seriously is not that bad. For me this is the best tip, like I said before this is how you will find those great pieces.

And lastly have fun and explore
There is no set rules or anything like that when your out there shopping. Go and explore the whole store and see what old/new items you can find. It is really fun and amazing what you can see. Be open to all and don't leave no rock unturned =)

I hope this helped you guys out a bit to start your thrifting. If your readers have anymore tips to add on just comment below =)

See you guys on my next post!!!

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  1. Great tips!! It's important to keep an open mind!