Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eye Of The Tiger

OMG!!!!! Today was another HOT day for Fresno CA. I really thought I was going to past out as I was taking my pictures. Like I said before, I take my own pictures and sometimes a takes a bit longer and more work to get those good shots I want. But I still love doing it =)

For this outfit I wore my new Tiger crop top from F21 and  this little black skirt I bought at a local shop. I absolutely love how this look came out. I didn't think I could pull off this crop top and was surprise that I didn't look that bad. I was almost about leave it behind to, luckily I didn't.

I guess we all do that, we put things in our heads that make us doubt that we might not look good in curtain things because we feel we might be to fat, to skinny or just not good enough for it. But  remember this, if you want to see if something works for you all you have to do is try it on. If it works, good and if it doesn't its ok too. We shouldn't beat ourselves up to much if curtain things to suit us. Fashion and style is meant to experiment and not taken to seriously.

 photo IMG_4132edited_zpsb7fae466.jpg

                                                             Crop Top: F21
                                                      Black Skirt: Local Store
                                                       Gold Necklace: Thrift
                                                     Black Wedge Heels: DD's

 photo IMG_4121edited_zpsdb557fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_4133edited_zps36107ade.jpg

 photo IMG_4143edited_zps34685b1b.jpg

 photo IMG_4175edited_zps0d996b3d.jpg

 photo IMG_4125edited_zps3445c8d4.jpg

 photo IMG_4147edited_zpscfc9a818.jpg

 photo IMG_4183edited_zps39e953fc.jpg

 photo IMG_4204_zps2b4f986e.jpg

 photo IMG_4196_zpsd38ddcd1.jpg

 photo IMG_4215_zpsebd82c1d.jpg


  1. That's why I haven't been doing outfit posts this week! Too effing hot! I feel like it's never going to end. LOL. Good for you for sticking it out though. I love this look! The crop top is so cute and I love those wedge heels. So girly and fun! <3


  2. Truthful advice right here! You work that crop top, it looks stunning on you. x

  3. I had tried on that shirt on, and it didn't look nice on me at all, but it looks great on you! Your style really reminds me of something I'd see on the streets of Montreal, have you ever been? Great post X