Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't Be Afraid

I was so inspired from my last outing that I set out again for another shoot in the loving, Tower District. It was actually not so hot this morning. It was a bit cloudy and it felt really nice, just wish it would last =(

For this part of Tower the bf actually pick the spot, he loved the art work so did I.

 photo IMG_4455edited_zps14866ece.jpg

                                                Famous Tee: Thrift
                                             Denim Studded Shorts
                                      Urbanoutfitters Platform Sneakers
                                                   Grey Beanie

 photo IMG_4507edited_zps024ca273.jpg

 photo IMG_4472edited_zpsaf9e0387.jpg

 photo IMG_4469edited_zpsa6982bde.jpg

 photo IMG_4470edited_zpsc65cb699.jpg

 photo IMG_4468edited_zpsc003f2c4.jpg

 photo IMG_4466edited_zps7968e45c.jpg

 photo IMG_4464edited_zps91904389.jpg

 photo IMG_4491edited_zps2ddbe7c1.jpg

 photo IMG_4477edited_zpsc22261cd.jpg

 photo IMG_4484edited_zps9141ebd3.jpg

 photo IMG_4494edited_zpsacfff885.jpg

 photo IMG_4488edited_zpsc9b9bb5d.jpg

Thanks again bf for my shot!


  1. Your boyfriend is one skilled photographer! Cool photos, as per usual x

  2. cool outfit!! i love your sneakers they are awesome!! <3
    do you want to follow each other? let me know!

  3. love your outfit and the background fits perfectly with it. very cool.


  4. I love the background! Cool outfit too!


  5. I've driven by this location a few times while taking photos in the Tower District and I love it! I think your outfit looks great against this backdrop. Very cool girl! <3