Monday, July 15, 2013


This past Saturday I went to my local Plato's Closet here in Fresno Ca. I follow them through there instagram and they had posted that they would be hosting a 1$ sale. Me and mom my went around 9 a.m thinking they open around that time but when getting there I already saw people standing forming a line, I was really surprised. As we got off we seen they really opened at 10 a.m. My mom at first didn't want to stand in the line for the sale but since I didn't know what was going on and what it was about I stood in line. She left me for a bit and took off to Ross while I stood in line.Standing in the line I was over hearing girls talk about the sale and saying that all sales items that were marked would only be a 1$. As it was getting close for the store to open we starting seeing the employees bring all the sale items and setting them on the tables. People already were starting to eye clothing and try to see where they where putting the good items lol. But everything was mixed up so it was going to be a hunt =)
Over all it was really fun. I wish I would have taken some pictures so you can see it but I was to busying hunting for good items lol. But I did snatch one from there instagram =)

I didn't find as much as I thought. I found a bit good items for my sister and my mom actually found a lot more then I did.

 photo 8C25E4DE-76C1-4686-97F3-5C8B64DA8929-26731-00001943CD5C6B42_zps1871bf5a.jpg

Now here is what I got at there Dollar Sale!!!

 photo untitled_zpsbff58e4d.png

 photo untitled2_zps4a78e90c.png

 photo untitled3_zpsa85b06c7.png

Like I said it wasn't much but it was fun and would do it again =)

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