Thursday, June 6, 2013


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                                                           Black Top: Local Store
                                                          Leopard Leggings: DD's
                                                            Heels: Charlotte Ruse
                                                               Beanie: MYVL
                                                              Gold Chain: Thrift

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I can't believe how hot its getting over here. I usually like to shoot my pictures early in the morning so I don't catch the heat but by 9:00 am, it was hot. I think I only lasted about 15 minutes outside before I couldn't take it anymore. And I know it felt more hot for me because I'm wearing a beanie but so what I love it =)

I also brought these heels out after a long time put away. I really don't buy heels because I am pretty picky when it comes to them and also because I wont wear them that often. I am more of a sneakers and platform girl =)

What are you guys,,,,heels,platform ,sneakers or all of the above =)
Would love to hear from you guys =)
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  1. I am seriously in love with your blog <3 xxx

  2. Gorgeous! You have beautiful hair! :) In answer to your question, I am definitely a heels kinda gal. ;)