Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eye Candy For June

(urbanoutfitters) (Zerouv) (tartevintage) (Unifclothing) (Zara) (reclaimattire) (Nordstrom) (rottingfresh) (neonsaints)

Here are my eye candy of the month. I know I am not the only blogger that wishes we could just have a million dollar shopping spree to just go crazy and shop until we drop lol. I'm just kidding not a million that's to little lol. But I have been eyeing these pieces. The NeonSaints leggings and beanie are so cute. Once I saw  Joanne aka Cosmicbarbies styling those happy face leggings I just fell in love with them even more. Also the NeonSaints and RottingFresh beanies are amazing, I just love head wear.

I don't know know if you guys still haven't taken a look at Reclaimattire and Tarte Vintage go, they have amazing clothing. Tarte Vintage dresses are so nice for this summer. I really want the floral pattern print one.

What items have you guys been eyeing??? Just comment below, I always love the hear what you guys have to say =)

Hope you guys follow and see you on my next post =)