Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New But Old

                                                         DIY Muscle Cat T: Thrift
                                                              Shorts: Forever21
                                                                 Boots: Target
                                                                    Hat: DD's
                                                             Sunglasses: Zerouv
                                                     Gauges: Size 00 from HotTopic

So for the last couple of days now I was having a battle with myself if I should shave the side of my head again. If you guys don't follow me on my instagram then you guys probably never saw that I used to have the side of my head shaved off. I really loved it but after a while I decide to let grow out. But I was itching for something new again and was wanting to shave it again so I did =) It's new but old hairstyle for me but I like it. I don't think the hubby will like it so much but he knows me already and my love for fashion and that I love to express myself through that. He is my biggest supporter =)

What crazy things have you guys done with your hair? I would love to hear just comment below =)


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