Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Makeup Routine


But I wanted to share with you guys my makeup routine. I usually do the same thing the only thing I change up it the lip color and blush color. I always love a bright lip and blushed cheeks =)

What I use.....

Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Makeup
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder
Elf Liquid EyeLiner
Maybelline Mascara
Hard Candy Fox in a box

First thing I do in the morning is  wash my face and moisturize it. I wait for that to set then I grab my foundation. I actually use a powder brush from Sonia Kashuk to apply my foundation with. I got that tip from one of  Michelle Phan's videos. She said it gives you a more air brush looked, I tried it one day and I like it so I stuck with it =)

As you can see I did a basic step by step pictures of what I do. I really hope they where helpful and easy to understand =)

And I know some you guys will think is to much makeup but I hate my sick and my really really bad dark circles, as you guys can see from the pictures. That is my biggest insecurity EVER!!!! lol Ladies I know I am not the only girl that has them so I know some of you guys understand what I am taking about, they suck =(

If you guys have tried any new foundations or have any beauty favorites or even recommend any products just comment below. I would love to hear from you guys =)

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See you on my next post...xoxoxo


  1. I just picked up that Maybelline foundation for summer! I was using Revlon Color Stay, and I love the coverage, but I'm starting to dislike how fast it sets before I can blend. I do small sections at a time, but it still pulls my skin. I've tried it wet too, but then I don't like the opacity. So since that was the end of that bottle, I thought I would try something new. And I like the Maybelline. It provides a nice coverage, but I get shiny/oily after a few hours even with that Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Still on the search I guess. ;)

    Anyway, I love your blush and that lip color looks great on you. My favorite part of a make up routine is the blush and lip! :) <3


    1. I do agree with you on the shiny/oily part because it does that to me after a while. But I do have another favorite its by CoverGirl called, Outlast stay fabulous 3in1 foundation. Its a primer,concealer and foundation in one. I tried it by recommendation and I loved it. It actually controls my oil and I don't have to even retouch with my powder through out the day. I really love it. I just bought my second bottle on it. You should take a look at that one to see if it works for you also =)

  2. Cute entry! I've always loved your simple makeup, thanks for sharing!