Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In The Streets

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                                                          DIY  Muscle T: My Dad's old shirt
                                                              Baseball Hat: Urbanoutfitters
                                                                     Old Denim Shorts
                                                                      Plaid Shirt: Thrift
                                                                         Shoes: Thrift
                                                                      Plaid Bra: Tilly's

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My tripod right there lol
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 photo IMG_2772_zps58d13179.jpg

I just can't get enough of the grunge or 90's seen lol. It has been my obsession and inspiration for some of my outfits. I was a totally 90's kid so I am so loving that trend right now. It brings back so much memories as I see other fashion bloggers create outfits around that era.

I would like to know what trends you are loving right now. Post any links of you guys styling those trends, I would love to check out and see =)

I really hope you guys follow and comment =) See you guys on my next post...
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