Monday, May 13, 2013

Floral Is My New Obsession

I have no idea why but lately I have been so obsessed with floral dresses. I have been searching for a while  the perfect fit for me. I have been hitting my local thrift stores hard to find one but no luck =( I hate when your on the look for something specific and you can never find it.

I have been going online also to see if I can find what I am looking for and I did find some good examples. I want that 90's grunge type dress and pairing it with some boots or platform =)
 Here is what I came up with.....

Also if you guys have any suggests for websites for me to check out that have awesome floral dresses just comment below I would love some help.

 photo D5F1A3AA-5F18-4D23-BAAA-32E0D25F96DF-1229-0000013BBA007FDB_zpsf076e30b.jpg

 photo 9BC0F4BA-455A-435C-9433-D4BA63C50760-1229-0000013BBE06793A_zps5b1f404b.jpg

 photo 816062C4-C303-4181-840D-8701F559F0DE-1229-0000013BC2529AC8_zps0d86486a.jpg
These top 3 dresses are from

 photo CAF4B555-F2A3-4EBF-8F9B-BDD9F109C6F1-1229-0000013BC9BB6563_zpscf13f00d.jpg

 photo D8546CDF-D405-448F-A374-9563B64F8776-1229-0000013BCF0A0130_zpsbaf651a9.jpg

 photo A52DC2EF-D5A1-44DF-AC8C-E9001EDC223C-1229-0000013BD2F84334_zps341ec8aa.jpg
These top 3 are from
 photo B8BEB38A-585F-47EE-8432-A632A381820F-1229-0000013BD70D26AA_zpsdfcdf6d8.jpg

Bottom 2 from
 photo 405C5E39-175F-41CF-82E1-B4EE36D39012-1229-0000013BDBF43793_zpsae8600da.jpg

 photo 1045D9D2-B5A5-4695-A6C4-02C7D72ACB1F-1229-0000013BE03EA24E_zps680cd760.jpg
 photo 2ED145F1-E386-4911-806D-813E4643D8AB-1229-0000013BE9131205_zps433a0902.jpg

I fell deeply in love with this dress from It's an online vintage shop and sadly it was sold already =( But this was the most perfect example of what I am looking for =)
 photo A78858A2-A544-46DE-B429-585AB9921731-1229-000001452F32F93C_zpsf76d4bba.jpg

This was one of my favorite outfit setups from Stephanie of TheFashionCitizen. To cute =)
If your not following her on instagram go!!!! You can also follow her on her blog OrangeMilkPeel
 photo 4641AF33-FFCD-4D1A-B9E1-D1EC25E70732-1229-0000013BB53D80E5_zps4c5f606b.jpg

I hope you guys comment below and leave any post link to you guys styling floral dresses, would love to check out =) I always love to interact with you guys =)


  1. Check out Brandy Medvillie . They have the cutest Daisy Dress and Ebay has new knock off dresses made in Korea that have floral patterns inspired by Topshop .

    1. Really! Thanks so much have to check it out :)