Monday, May 27, 2013

Create (DIY Cutoffs)

Today I finally got around to creating a new pair of DIY cutoffs. I bought these Levi's at my local thrift store for about $3 bucks or so. I love how they came out and can't wait to style them =)

What have you guys created lately??? If you guys have done any awesome DIY projects I would love to hear and see. Just comment below and link to your creations =)

See you guys on my next post =)

 photo 1F3EA8E4-71E9-40F8-A1D9-E74F3F651DEF-4780-0000051CAC23ED96_zps511c65a4.jpg

 photo D55BB41A-7938-4086-BACE-AE388D089EB9-4780-0000051F7E13C090_zps65bd1f45.jpg

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