Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update Photobucket :(

So I would like to start off and say that I am sorry for some of my latest post not have any pictures on there. I deleted my old photobucket because someone hacked into so I can't use it any longer. I hate it that I had to do that because it was the one I had for years and used it to be able to put my photos on my blog. I have a new one and have to start all over :( I am really sorry guys.

I am going to go through my instagram and other photos and try to replace some of the pictures. On my recent DIY projects post I am going to delete because I don't have any of those pictures :( actually I think I am going to have to delete most of my posts because I don't have any of those old picture :( I am truly sad that I have to do this and am so angry that someone would hack me and now I have to do this. I feel like I am starting all over and with my blog :( I really hope this doesn't affect my followers and you guys continue to support me :)

Sorry again :(

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