Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Denim Thrift Finds

As I promised my thrift haul.I hope you guys enjoyed this haul and you follow/comment me =)

 photo IMG_0532_zpsa1219507.jpg
Couldn't  believe I found this denim Levi's jacket for only $6!!!

 photo IMG_0533_zpsa5c4524f.jpg

Mickey Mouse Denim Jacket
 photo IMG_0534_zps224e0965.jpg

 photo IMG_0535_zps0d1147a2.jpg

 photo IMG_0536_zps68644156.jpg

Another Levi's Denim Jeans. Going to convert these to a pair of high waist shorts. Its going to be my
future DIY project. So look out for that =)
 photo IMG_0538_zps84d4524d.jpg

 photo IMG_0543_zpscaf9d0f8.jpg

 photo IMG_0544_zps8433025e.jpg

These amazing shorts are actually from
Go check out her shop, she has amazing shorts there and other creations =)
 photo IMG_0529_zpsd8cfe009.jpg

 photo IMG_0530_zps0ff72f0b.jpg

Thrift Top =)
 photo IMG_0545_zps729969f4.jpg

I love this dress, couldn't believe I found it at my local thrift store.
 photo IMG_0549_zps389d6e53.jpg

 photo IMG_0550_zps4c88fd5d.jpg

 photo IMG_0551_zpse328d2da.jpg

This crop top I bought it at Forever21 but thought it didn't hurt to add it to my haul lol
It was only 10$
 photo IMG_0554_zps1456f2b9.jpg

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  1. Asom stuff! And this levis jacket is stunning! xx