Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still Mad

 photo 0B158977-FA34-4884-B1CC-1D0587FB42EC-19886-00001452B1B562E6_zpseedd82c1.jpg
                                                            Top: Tommy Girl
                                                              Shorts: Thrift
                                                              Pearls: Thrift

I am still very mad that someone hacked into my photobucket and ruined almost all of my blog posts :(
I fixed some of my post but most of them I couldn't. I had most of my pictures stored in my old photobucket but since I had to delete it a start a new one all of my pictures on my blog are gone.

But I do have more great post coming up and even more DIY projects =)
I hope you guys continue to follow me and support me =)

 photo C34A769B-9288-4006-A524-9146FE826ABC-1095-000001006F8843B7_zpsfe5d8b14.jpg


  1. thats horrible that some one hacked your photos :(

  2. Oh darn, that's nasty. Hackers are really just a pain. Once I deleted all my Google photos and had no idea they were linked to my blog and everything was gone. I know that feel.
    Anywho I just chanced upon your blog! I think your style is fab. Do you have Bloglovin? If so, let me know! Mine's

    Much love, Rach! xx