Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Life In Random # 2

Here is another post, My Life In Random 2 =).......

 photo D6D06A76-66EE-4097-9441-BE6747DD9914-441-000000278A79A3F9_zps4b3ef4ee.jpg photo 404FDA6A-4B34-4276-9C59-119EEC95CC6C-441-00000026DEC4E615_zps587821de.jpg

 photo 6F32F0F4-E510-4207-B890-DB2CEAB24B3F-2043-000001A768395F7B_zps24e0b18f.jpg

 photo FE015745-4FD5-4AF2-ADFE-9B7018D77D30-2043-000001A75D55C3A1_zpsfa7584c3.jpg

 photo A7D4FAC1-8971-47D7-8E56-2F11E06A8F40-2043-000001A7585A1184_zps8461e3b5.jpg

 photo F5BE902B-15B0-4CC9-B88B-3F03CB65E837-2043-000001A77172CD3E_zps24361183.jpg

 photo 3751C00A-CBB9-4402-9650-97720F809DD7-2043-000001A753D94A68_zps51799cfc.jpg

 photo E3F723FE-0753-4FF0-9933-083BBA2C28D3-2043-000001A74F6CCA46_zpsf3ea2170.jpg

 photo AECAD2D5-10F1-4358-9E54-F6EAB742CF50-2043-000001A762C9C8DF_zps4984f3b6.jpg

 photo F66C0284-0944-4A72-98BD-E7BDA41BBCCC-2043-000001A76C616F62_zps558543fc.jpg

As you can see I have been on a roll working on my blog =) For the past week I have been taking ootd of the pictures. I have been trying to be more open and creative with me looks. I really hope you guys been enjoying and liking what I have been doing =)

I also did a bit of shopping at Oldnavy and found those cute brown boots. I couldn't pass those up especially for spring and summer. Found more things but will show in future outfit posts.

I also gave you guys a preview of my next DIY project. I am creating a leg garter. It's so easy and can't wait to show you guys =)

And lastly I just want to thank you guys, I seriously never get tired of trying to improve my posts and blog for you guys. I can never express how much I love this and hope you guys continue to follow and support me. Love you guys and see you on my next post <3 p="">

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