Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Life In Random #1

 photo 420887D1-AFE0-4B62-A990-BF87B6213CDC-1858-000002823AE2DC09_zpsd01b66e0.jpg

For the past two days I have been doing a lot of thrifting. My mom, aunt and I were on a mission. I was looking for clothes and my mom and aunt for furniture. I found some good pieces and will show later on a different post. This post I just tool random pictures through out my shopping. I had such a good time with my aunt and mom. They really good shop lol.
I am going to do more posts like these, which of course as you read my title on this post, My Life In Random =) I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you on my next one =)
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 photo 2FC856BA-A425-4727-9ECC-01A7A8F6C5CB-1858-000002824832D54B_zps27d2873d.jpg

 photo 15417C99-6A9F-4F12-B6D1-3FE1316FBC50-1858-000002824DD0A313_zpsce40ca0d.jpg

 photo 5B126425-8826-458D-B8CD-06006CCD9DE5-1858-0000028253E41F76_zpsf417c822.jpg

 photo F99392A1-F369-469C-8F47-CF6C3A277732-1858-000002825D66B9A3_zps0c223a43.jpg

 photo DF96BF04-A4D9-4F57-BB85-C9B21530A5D2-1858-0000028262055FC3_zps39b2ef9d.jpg

 photo DF4984DE-4629-4F48-8268-677002A02BCF-1858-000002826778AC06_zpse8d2ef4f.jpg

 photo 627B7DE0-FC1E-4090-B8A2-41403A712439-1858-000002826D03B871_zps184d4ef0.jpg

 photo F3471E44-AC42-4799-A9CD-3E96ECD19334-1858-0000028286A6979F_zps934cdc29.jpg
Just to let you guys know I didn't buys these :( I know how stupid I could I be do leave those behind. They were only 2.95$ at my local thrift store!!!

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  1. OMG, those earings are amazing! xx
    You are so lucky that you have so sunny time, i still have snow and darkness outside. :(