Friday, April 12, 2013

My DIY Cutoffs

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Here is my latest DIY project, Cutoffs!!!
I got these Levi's jeans at my local thrift store but you can use any old pair that you don't mind cutting.
What you would need,
1. Scissors
2. Sandpaper
3. Tweezers or anything with a sharp point
4. Any of your favorite pair of short, shorts

The first thing I did was grab a pair of shorts that I liked the length of just to give me an idea and guide to use to help me create my cutoffs.
I lay them on top and start seeing where I want to cut.
 photo IMG_2305_zpsee9d20b3.jpg

I am going to cut a bit lower then I want just so I can make sure its not to short and because I want to later on fold the bottoms up. You will see what I'm talking about as you go through the post =)
 photo IMG_2307_zpsd668a97b.jpg

 photo IMG_2312_zps5d7d8a39.jpg

Now that you have them cut you can take your tweezers or anything with a sharp point and start to distressed them.

 photo IMG_2318_zps344f8920.jpg

Start on the edge and pull out to create that worn torn look =)
 photo IMG_2321_zps66d44841.jpg

 photo IMG_2322_zpsa139ac90.jpg

Now that you have distressed them and got them where you like it, you can start to create cuts where ever you like on your shorts. You can also look at other shorts to get an idea of where you want your cuts to be and how long you want them.
 photo IMG_2335_zpsbaa9c1ad.jpg

 The same way your distressed the edge of your shorts, your going to use on the cuts that you created.
You can be as creative as you want with yours shorts and put as many cuts as like.
 photo IMG_2337_zps59d289cc.jpg

Once your done with all the distressing and cutting, your going to crab your sandpaper and on all the cuts and edge of your shorts, your going to run the sandpaper through just so they don't keep distressing when you wash them.
 photo IMG_2336_zps0b20bb94.jpg

For me, I wanted to fold the end of my shorts up, so I am grabbing my iron to iron my folds up.
 photo IMG_2357_zps7f1fe2e2.jpg

So if you want to do this just iron right over your folds so they stay that shape =)
 photo IMG_2359_zpsd80b7adf.jpg

Now your done. Go and show off those cutoffs =)
 photo IMG_2360_zps31b92b07.jpg

I really hope this helped and you guys enjoyed it.
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Hope you follow and see you guys on my next post =)

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