Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Movie Day

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Today was a movie day with my Hubby. We went to go see Evil Dead, I felt really bad because I kept falling asleep during the movie lol. It wasn't a bad movie I just was really tired lol. I did see the first Evil Dead because if you don't know it yet this is a remake off the 1981 Evil Dead. This version of it was really crazy nothing like the 1981. It wasn't so scary but it did have so much blood, it almost reminded me of a zombie movie. Over all I thought it was okay.

I was so happy because it was such a nice day. I even got to wear shorts, like I said before I hate wearing pants lol. It wasn't to hot or cold it was perfect weather just to hangout and take a walk. I know this kind of weather wont last that long because once summer comes, its going to suck. Here it gets 100 degrees and you don't even want to go out or do anything because of how hot it gets.

But here are some pictures of my day. I hope you guys enjoy them and follow/comment. Would mean a lot if you guys did =)

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                                                                      Crop Top: Forever21
                                                                    Levi's Jean Jacket: Thrift
                                                                 High Waist Shorts:
                                                                        Green Converse

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Almost won this but at the end they all caught up with me =( lol

I look all dorky lol
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