Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Will Miss Days Like These

 photo IMG_2365_zpse5ce8863.jpg
         (My hubby took this picture for me before we walked in to get some Panda, thanks hubby =))

Today was another amazing day with my hubby. The wind felt so nice, I didn't think it was going be this cool outside today. I almost thought it was going to be cold but it wasn't.
We just spent our day helping his parents with there new house. We were setting up some plastic on the floor so they can paint all the walls. It was pretty fun.

But when I got home I decide to take more pictures of my outfit for you guys. Here they are =)

Please excuse the garbage on the side lol
 photo IMG_2377_zps1f763df0.jpg

                                                                    Top: LoveJunkeeShop
                                                                       Shorts: MinteShop
                                                                          Shoes: Thrift

 photo IMG_2376_zpsbd651cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_2375_zps7947747b.jpg

 photo IMG_2378_zps4e4eadba.jpg

 photo IMG_2379_zps66be8584.jpg

 photo IMG_2382_zps1180aa6f.jpg

I hope you guys follow and comment, would mean a lot.
Thanks for stopping by and see you guys on my next post =)

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