Saturday, April 13, 2013

Festival Inspired

 photo IMG_2386_zps6613ae84.jpg

This is my music festival inspired look. I now a lot of you guys are heading to Coachella and other music festivals so I decided to do an outfit to tribute that =)

I went really simple because I know it will be sunny and a bit warm. I really hope you guys enjoy this look and have a safe and fun trip =)

 photo IMG_2387_zpsda33417c.jpg

                                                                       Dress: Thrift
                                                                DIY Levi's Cutoffs: Thrift
                                                                       Boots: Target
                                                                    DIY Flower Crown

 photo IMG_2390_zps79e60756.jpg

 photo IMG_2398_zpse41627d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2401_zpsee5ade7c.jpg

 photo IMG_2402_zps695db441.jpg

 photo IMG_2384_zps91095d47.jpg

 photo IMG_2407_zps237390fe.jpg

 photo IMG_2411_zps4a072f0a.jpg


  1. This look is awesome!! :)) Liked it!

  2. pretty outfit, the flowers are such a nice touch! and i love your camera :)

  3. I've been mentally preparing Coachella outfit too! Its even harder for me to dream cos I don't even live anywhere near America so for now I'll have to dream through the net

    x karen