Friday, April 26, 2013

Bright Dark

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         (Top: OldNavy,  Athletic Shorts: Target I think?, Shoes: Sketchers, Beanie:

Today was a huge change for me. I am really shy person but it's so hard to shoot in my small patio in my apartment so I went outside alone!!!! lol I grabbed my tripod and camera and went out to shoot. It was so scary for me to do because like I said before, I am a very shy person and wouldn't really do this but since I don't have anyone to help me shoot and I really wanted to get these shots I just told myself, what hell and just go lol At first when I started to take my first couple of shots I just wanted to go back inside but then soon after that I got really comfortable and got over it. I just thought to myself, I am a blogger and love what I do. I shouldn't be scared or care what people think because I love to share my love for fashion to people across the world =) Just thinking that made me feel so much better and didn't really care who saw me.

I am also in love with my new beanie from myvlclothing!!!! I got it on there sale they had going on, on 4/20. It was half off on everything!!! Since I was eyeing this beanie for a while and seen it was half off I just couldn't pass that up lol

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you on my next one =)

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