Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Love

 photo 0F61723F-0644-47CB-B233-5F2D914278D5-18762-00001337024663D2_zps047f7e4f.jpg

Just in love with these amazing cut off shorts from
I got them in yesterday and I couldn't help but try them on today. I got a cute outfit for this which is obviously not this one lol, this was just a quick outfit that I put together and just wanted to share with you guys these cute shorts =)
I would so go and shop at . I still have another pair of shorts coming in and I can't wait to get them. If you want to know what size I got them, I got them in a size L. Since I have a big waist line I wanted to get them a bit bigger so I can get them up and not be so tight. So if I want to tuck in my tops and things like that I can it won't be so tight.
 photo 29488C32-D5D8-4EA3-9D8F-D985B4DA0B33-18762-0000133708D13C24_zps61df911a.jpg

I just love the wash of them and the cute bows on the back pockets. Amazing for spring and summer =)

 photo F85A7369-2260-4D1E-AF9C-47137B182208-18762-000013350A17299B_zps53fadc30.jpg

 photo 1C263520-C04D-4A0E-BBAB-D4B6DC077859-18762-0000133536D67F96_zps28cfa4a0.jpg

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See you guys on my next post =)


  1. ahhh love those denim shorts! best buy for summer

    x karen

  2. SO AMAZING, i would like to get few like this for summer, cause what can be better than good pair of shorts?Follow me, if you aren't following! :))