Monday, January 21, 2013

My Zombies T

 photo 7B6D277F-B3F1-4450-9550-940B473CC583-423-0000002FBC32FB78_zps3a033550.jpg

I don't know why I have this love for Zombies. I absolutely can't never get tired of watching zombie movies or shows. When Walking Dead came out, I was like stuck on it when I seen the first episode.

But about a two weeks ago I was doing some shopping and found this Zombie T-shirt and couldn't pass it up. Plus the price was good too, only 4.99$ !!!

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T-Shirt: Local store
Pants: F21
Shoes: Skechers
Watch: Thrifted

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  1. Sneaker wedges are my new shoe love! BTW you are so pretty!