Monday, December 17, 2012


Yesterday I decided to do a simple DIY project. So I have been wanted a studded beanie but I really didn't want to spend to much on one knowing that I can just make one myself. I have a couple of just plain simple beanies but didn't have the studs. So I bought this belt that had studs on there for about $3 and just took them off.

Here is the end result. Its not that hard and you can get the studs from ebay or just an old belt. I just bought one because I just wanted to see how it was going to come out.

I hope you guys like it and follow me =)

 photo 669AEA2F-F834-4498-B84D-FEC1979359FA-634-000000BC0C6AEC07_zps87abf5c8.jpg  photo B7286341-5FE0-4D87-8799-DCD3BD7E337B-634-000000BC110D4239_zps5e99e51b.jpg  photo D178DB73-58C8-446B-B958-6F52748DA53F-634-000000BC16A46768_zpsc9177754.jpg

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